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Friday, March 30, 2012 | 5:17 PM

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Our programme of Big Tent events aims to bring together digital businesses, policymakers and advocacy groups to debate some of the hot issues facing the Internet and society.

Now, with the launch of our new Big Tent YouTube channel , everyone can engage with these debates online.

The channel includes videos from our sessions so far in London , The Hague, Berlin and Madrid. You can filter by topic, speaker and event, so whether you’re interested in privacy or child safety, Hillary Clinton on Internet freedom or Wael Ghonim on the role of the Internet in Egypt’s revolution, it’s all available under the Big Tent.

The launch of our new channel coincides with our first Big Tent in the US--an event on Digital Citizenship held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Over the course of the day, we discussed child safety online, the most effective ways to incorporate technology with educationa and what governments and civil society can do to maintain a responsible and innovative web.

Stay tuned for videos from that and future Big Tents as the programme continues to roll out across the world.


Hank said...

It's really nice that the Big Tent videos have been made open to public. I hope more institutions and Governments become this open. I think it will promote a climate that incubates innovative thinking and economic prosperity.

Betty Letsch said...

I Think Freedom of Speech is a God given right. All men, and women should be allowed to say what they think, or believe in.
But, on the other hand; we must also have Security and Privacy for our own personal information, which is not intended to be published.
Therefore, we must have a correct balance between the two. Certain Information should remain private and confidential. It is up to the individual to decide what things he or she wants to share with others. As long as they are doing nothing immoral, or unethical.
I also think it is unethical for anyone to try to fool the people, by pretending to be someone from a Govrenment Agency, when they are not. This constitutes Fraud, an impersonation of a Government Official.
Something should be done to stop this. It is wrong.
So to sum it up: Freedom is your right. Fraud is not accepted.
This is just my personal opinion. Betty Letsch 5-1-12